Tao Of Badass Review – My Honest Opinion

Hi there, Nick here and welcome to my Tao Of Badass Review website. Thanks for checking out my genuine review of The Tao Of Badass e-book by renowned relationship expert and guru Joshua Pellicer.

To be upfront, this is a genuine and unrestricted review of Joshua’s book. What you will read below are MY OWN thoughts and the IMPORTANT details you need to know before getting a copy for yourself.

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Tao Of Badass ReviewWhat is ‘The Tao Of Badass’ about and what do you get for your money?

‘The Tao Of Badass’ is a detailed guide and instructional manual that teaches you everything you need to know about attracting women and improving your confidence with women.

The product itself is made up of 7 separate items:

  1. Access to the exclusive Members Only Community area of The Tao Of Badass website. From here you can access all the parts of the product and also contribute to the member’s forum.
  2. The 150 page The Tao Of Badass e-book as a PDF. This is split into 10 chapters covering all aspects of the system.
  3. You also get 9 MP3 audio files (a little over 4 hours worth) containing unabridged audio commentary of Joshua Pellicer himself reading the guide. Each MP3 refers to a chapter in the e-book.
  4. There’s another 4 MP3 audio files (10 minutes each) containing subliminal messages designed to boost your confidence with women.
  5. When I purchased, I also received 4 bonus e-books (totalling 54 pages). These cover further topics to enhance what’s already in the main guide.
  6. Through the Members area of the Tao Of Badass website, you get access to a further 4 videos entitled “Hacking Attraction” (a little under 3 hours in total) which shows Joshua himself giving the presentation.
  7. Finally, you also get access (through the Member’s area) to the “5 Week Body Language Mastery Course” comprising 5 videos, plus a special bonus video, giving you another 9 hours worth of valuable instruction.

At first glance this program looks like outstanding value. There’s a lot of information, but is it useful and well explained?

What’s in the book?

As I mentioned, it’s split into 10 chapters.

Chapter 1 is the Introduction to the system – what you can expect and, importantly, it sets you up with the right mindset for the rest of the course.

Chapter 2 talks about Gender Roles, and why women are attracted to a certain type of man, and why men are attracted to certain women.

Chapter 3 focuses on Confidence. The thing women find most attractive in men is confidence. This chapter teaches you how to improve your confidence in such a way as to make you more attractive to more women.

Chapter 4 is called The System. Here Joshua details the four phases of what he calls the “map of interaction.”  Essentially, this is a roadmap showing how to act in certain situations to get the right outcome.

Chapter 5 is The Approach: how exactly do you walk up to a woman and start a conversation? This chapter tells you how, and more importantly, how to combat any anxiety you may have.

Chapter 6 talks about the Tests that women may give you. These tests are designed so they can see if you’re their type of man. Here you’ll learn all about these tests and how to pass them.

Chapter 7 goes into detail about Reading Body Language. I’ve discussed this a little in an earlier post so I won’t repeat it again here. Suffice to say you’ll learn all about the non-verbal cues women give out and how to respond to them.

Chapter 8 is called Creating Love. Here Joshua tells you just how to create that special emotional attraction with a woman. Sounds clinical, but it’s good to know.

Chapter 9 talks about The Biggest Mistakes You Make. Again, I’ve summarised these in an earlier post, but Joshua goes into far more detail in the book.

Chapter 10 is the Conclusion, where Joshua wraps up his teachings with the important discussion of just what it means to be a badass. I found this very eye-opening and thought-provoking.

Click here to visit Joshua Pellicer’s The Tao Of Badass Official Site.

What’s in the audio files?

The commentary MP3s of Joshua reading through the guide are great. I found this better than reading the manual on its own as Joshua will add extra titbits of info throughout his commentary.

The subliminal MP3s are designed for you to listen in the background – don’t listen to them consciously. They contain special audio tracks to boost your confidence with women and help you break out of your shell.

What about the videos?

The videos are an excellent component of this package. I really like these type of instructional videos, and seeing and hearing Joshua talk about his material really gives you a solid grounding in each video’s topic. The Body Language Mastery Course is worthy of special mention – it’s probably worth the cost of the course on its own. I found it very useful and informative.

Are the bonus e-books any good?

In a word, yes. They tell you how to avoid getting into a woman’s “Friend Zone”, the pros and cons of monogamy and polyamory, how to end a relationship with a woman properly, and how to avoid getting cheated on. All contain relevant, useful information that are all fit well with the overall philosophy of the Tao Of Badass system.

Are there any BAD points?

  • There is a lot of information here, so you might find it quite heavy going. That said, nothing worthwhile ever comes easily. I can recommend the audio commentary to help understand everything more clearly.
  • The system does require you to change your ways if want to become more successful with women. If you find it hard to change, then you won’t be able to get the benefits of this system.

What are the GOOD points?

  • Joshua is a very good teacher, and clearly he knows his topic well. His style of writing and presenting allow you to quickly understand what he’s saying and how to apply it to your own situation.
  • The audio commentary is fantastic, and I think I got the most out of the system from it. I could listen to it on my iPod on the way to work, and maybe even try some things out there and then.
  • The various videos are also excellent, particularly the Body Language Mastery series. These contain some great information that most guys simply don’t know about. Once you do know, however, you’ll wonder how you got by without it.
  • Joshua’s commonsense approach is very refreshing. To be honest, I was a little put off by the “badass” tag. However, Joshua gives you an overall blueprint of how to be a real man, and that doesn’t mean you’re a self-centred jerk. Quite the opposite – a badass is a guy who knows how to do everything right.

Tao Of Badass Review Final Verdict – What do I think?

Tao Of Badass ReviewIf only I had access to this information 20 years ago! Throughout my life I’ve read lots of guides about how to attract women, and be attractive to women. While some worked a little, others simply didn’t.

The Tao Of Badass is one system that I can say genuinely works.

Not only does it give you greater confidence with women, it gives you greater confidence in your life in general. I’ve personally found that my professional life has also improved thanks to the tips Joshua has taught me.

In my opinion, The Tao Of Badass is the best, most complete product out there for men looking to enhance their personal and professional lives for the better. The comprehensive manual together with the excellent instructional videos and audio files will teach you things you’ve never considered before.

I highly recommend this system to you and I sincerely hope this Tao Of Badass review has been helpful.


Click here to visit Joshua Pellicer’s The Tao Of Badass Official Site.

10 Mistakes Men Make With Women – And How To Avoid Them

I’m sure that most men reading this can relate to this experience. You’re at a bar and you see a beautiful woman. She doesn’t seem to be with anyone so you pluck up the courage to walk over and talk to her.

You introduce yourself, make some small talk, but then something seems to go wrong. She’s giving you all sorts of wrong signals and finally she says “nice talking to you” and leaves the conversation.

You’re then left there wondering what the hell you did wrong. Most likely what happened is you made some mistake that turned the woman off.

Josh Pellicer covers 10 of these mistakes in great detail in his book “The Tao Of Badass“. This is great dating advice for men so I’ll try and summarise them for you here.

   1. Pecking

What ‘pecking’ means is that you lean forward when talking to someone, and then lean back. You then lean forward again to hear what the other person is saying, and then lean back once more. Most likely you’re trying to hear and be heard but Josh makes the point that attraction isn’t verbal – it’s mostly body language. A neat trick is to simply point your ear to her and get the woman to peck – make her lean in towards you which in turn makes you appear confident to the other women around you.

   2. Being Needy

I personally think this should be number one. You must never appear needy when you first meet a woman. If she’s not interested, so be it. She’s probably not your type anyway. As the only saying goes, ‘there’s plenty of fish in the sea’ so move on to the next woman. Don’t sacrifice your confidence and dignity.

   3. Too Much Positive Body Language

I’ve covered a bit about body language in an earlier post, but Josh warns us not to overdo it! Don’t do everything at once – it forces a woman to accept you immediately or walk away. Chance are she’ll do the latter as it’s easier. Mix things up a bit and take it slow.

   4. Being Too Cool For School

This one’s easy: don’t sit back and wait for the women to come to you because you think you’re too good to make an effort yourself. If you do, you’ll most likely end up on your own all night. Attracting women is the name of the game, not turning them off.

   5. Not Touching Enough

Touching is covered a bit in my body language post, and while it’s a good tool to use to be attractive to women, it’s important to get the balance right. Most men don’t touch enough but still, don’t overdo it.

   6. Asking For Permission

By always asking a woman for permission, it shows you aren’t prepared to take risks. For example, Josh suggests you say you want a woman’s phone number rather than ask her for it. She still might turn you down (you can’t force her, after all), but at least your manhood is intact.

   7. Failing Compliance Tests

Remember the compliance and congruence tests I mentioned before? If you don’t pass them then you won’t get anywhere with this particular lady.

   8. Buying Time/Attention

Ever bought a woman lots of drinks at a bar and still didn’t end up going home with her? According to Josh, that’s the usual outcome. Buying thing before you have a meaningful connection is a waste of time (and money).

   9. Hesitation

Hesitation is a normal human reaction, but you need to try and put it aside. Don’t hesitate about talking to that attractive woman, just do it. Find some way to motivate yourself and build your confidence with women so you avoid hesitation.

   10. Creating Imaginary Relationships

So you’ve met a great woman, got her phone number, called her up and arranged a date or two. Great! But Josh warns you to not get carried away and imagine her being a long term girlfriend too early. It’s natural you want the relationship to work, but don’t get desperate. All you do is scare her away.

Now you know the 10 mistakes most men make, you can take steps to avoid them. We all want to know how to attract women, and now you also know what doesn’t attract them. Of course, these things take practice so what are you waiting for? Get out there, man, and practice!

10 Body Language Signals That Show A Woman Is Interested In You

Body language is one of those topics that often comes up when you’re talking about relationships and how to attract women.

In essence, body language is a form of non-verbal communication. It’s a way that people can portray their feelings and emotions without explicitly stating them. Body language can be both conscious and sub-conscious.

For the man who is serious about attracting women, and to also be attractive to women, it is a vital skill to have.

In his e-book “The Tao Of Badass“, author and relationship coach Josh Pellicer states that reading body language is one of the best ways to determine is a woman is attracted to you.

Josh even goes as far as to list the top 10 ‘signals of attraction’ that he’s come across in his years of experience, which I’ve reproduced for you here.

   1. Looking Down

When a woman looks down when meeting you or talking to you, then that’s a strong indicator of attraction. If she’s also smiling then that’s even better.

   2. Hair Twirling

This can be both a positive and a negative sign. If a woman is twirling her hair but still engaged in the conversation with you, then that’s great. She may even start becoming sexually stimulated due to the nerve endings at the back of the head.

   3. Leaning In

By leaning towards you, and thus getting closer to you, is another great signal of attraction. It doesn’t mean she wants you right there and now, but you definitely have her interest.

   4. Triangulation

This refers to the movement of a woman’s eyes while talking to you. If her eyes repeatedly move from one of your eyes to the other eye, and then down to your mouth (thus forming a triangular pattern) then it’s a strong indicator of attraction.

   5. Touch

When a woman touches you, such as on the hand or arm, then that’s another sign she’s interested. If these touches increase in frequency and duration, and if she touches you first, then these are further signs of attraction.

   6. Congruence Testing

What this means is that a woman might test you to see if you really are the type of person you’re coming across as. For example, if you’re portraying yourself as having a lot of confidence with women, a woman might test this by leaning closer to you. If you suddenly become nervous or uneasy by this then your actual nature is not congruent with the image you’re portraying.

   7. Compliance Testing

Another test (related to congruence testing) a woman might give you is to see if you’ll do something for her, such as buy her a drink. If you happily comply without asking for something in return (such as moving to a quieter location) then it might raise a congruency flag (or lack of) to the woman.

   8. Positive Body Language

This is centred around how a woman is positioning her face and body with you. If she faces you directly, especially with her shoulders and hips, then these are good signs she is very interested.

   9. Initiating Conversation

This is one of the more obvious signals. If a woman starts a conversation with you, especially if there’s no real reason to, then she is most certainly interested.

   10. Qualifying

If a woman finds you attractive enough, then she will start to try and impress you. What she is actually doing is qualifying herself to you, and giving you reasons to like her.

The next time you’re talking to a woman you find attractive, look out for these 10 signals of attraction. Even if you only see one, you should assume that she finds you attractive.

As Josh says, there’s no harm in assuming she is attracted to you, but a lot of harm if you don’t recognise the signs that she is.

An Article About Attracting Women Inspired By Joshua Pellicer

My intention with this website was to create a Tao Of Badass Review, and after reading through the e-book some really important things stood out.

Right from the beginning, the author, Joshua Pellicer, makes the point that EVERY MAN has the power within him to be a complete badass with women. No matter whether you’re a top sports star or a struggling student, you can unlock the potential within yourself and use it to your greatest advantage.

So what’s the main thing you need to have if you’re going to attract women? Well, quite simply, you have to have CONFIDENCE and confidence comes from having what Joshua calls a strong ‘personal value.’

Most guys have had experiences in their teenage years where they couldn’t attract the girls they liked. Quite often they saw guys who were good at sports (for example) being able to attract girls with no effort at all. We’ve all heard the cliché about how the Captain of the football team gets the best looking girl in school, but that’s because that guy has social value, personal value and, therefore, confidence.

I studied a bit of psychology at university and read studies about how people are mostly attracted to confident people. Think about that: would you want to talk to someone who was introverted, shy and uncomfortable or someone who was fun, outgoing and confident?

Oh, and it’s a popular misconception that only attractive guys are confident, simply because they ARE attractive. Not true – from a woman’s perspective, a guy is attractive BECAUSE he’s confident.

Joshua also discusses the importance of WHY you want to be successful with women. The type of woman you want isn’t as important as why you want her in the first place. Are you looking for a quick fling, or someone to settle down with for the rest of your life? Either way, your chances of success increase dramatically when you have a concrete reason for wanting to attract women.